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6 month gastric sleeve surgiversary……

Today is 6 months since I had my gastric sleeve in Thailand through Destination Beauty.

The day after surgery – not looking or feeling too flash but I’m smiling! Had 2 rough days and then felt great.
The amazing hospital staff. The care at the hospital is top rate.  Everything is arranged through Destination Beauty. This is 5 days post surgery and I was about to leave the hospital.

This was the best decision for me – hands down….

Originally, when I had decided I was going to get gastric sleeve surgery, I thought of waiting until our cruise which was scheduled for mid July this year.  Thank goodness I didn’t wait – we went into lockdown 3 weeks after I got back from Thailand and the cruise was cancelled. 

Having a blast in Bangkok about a week post surgery.  My sister came with me as support person and she was amazing.

It’s been a weird year with lockdown and being made redundant and still unemployed 5 months later – but the shining light this year has been losing 32kg.  Yes – 32kg!  I started my pre op diet at the end of Jan and lost 6.5kg on it,  and all the rest since my surgery.

So that’s a pretty good result…..

Yep – I’m really happy with my results.  I still have 14kg to go and it’s so much slower now.  I am like a tortoise slowly inching towards the finish line, then back a bit, then forward a bit and so on.  I have set myself a goal of losing this 14kg by Dec 8 and in theory I should be able to do it, but we shall have to see.

It’s been a great learning curve….

I have been fascinated as to how people can get weight loss surgery and not lose weight but now I think I understand.  Of course I can only eat small amounts from a small plate – I get full very quickly and that’s how it’s supposed to work.  But it only takes about half an hour to an hour before I feel not full and I could then eat some more.  So if I wanted I could eat little amounts all day long – and not achieve anything.  People say listen to your body – that works for some people but not for me because I still feel hunger (most people don’t after weight loss surgery but I do) and if I listened to my body I would be eating all day.  So I try to go by my routine of 3 meals a day plus a snack and stick to my plan. Other people seem to be able to eat a lot of sugary, unhealthy food and still lose weight.  That doesn’t work for me.  I know what foods made me fat in the first place and I need to avoid them.  All things in moderation is my long term goal but if I have too many treats now I will just end up staying at this weight and I’m still not done.  So all things in moderation will have to wait until I’m at goal and have learned to maintain.

Onwards and downwards….

So I shall continue, a day at a time, until I get to my goal.  Thanks so much to all the amazing people, both those who know me in my everyday world and those who I have met online, for your support and love.  This has been an amazing journey which I haven’t really found hard.  I almost feel guilty saying that because I get that it’s hard for a lot of people, but I could have never lost 32kg without weight loss surgery so, in comparison to trying and failing so many times in the past, I have not found it hard and I feel amazing and am so happy with my results thus far. I think the hard part for me will be maintenance but obviously I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Modelling my outfit from 6 months ago. Just a tad too baggy!
6 months and 32kg difference



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