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Acceptable weight…. a gastric sleeve blog

There’s nothing like a comparison shot to spur you on when you’re on a weight loss journey and in my case following a gastric sleeve diet – this is late Jan 2020 versus May 2020:

I knew that the 2nd half of weightloss would be slower than the first half and that’s ok because the first half was ridiculously fast

So far it’s been:
Feb lost 10.5kg
March lost 7.4kg
April lost 6.1kg
For May I still have 1 more weigh day but it’s looking like I will have lost 4kg by end of May.

“Acceptable” weight….

At the time of writing this in May 2020, I’m around the weight right now which I call my “acceptable” weight.  I’m 20kg overweight (instead of 46kg) and being tall I can carry an extra 20 and look ok.  This is the weight where in the past I’ve got comfortable and stayed here.  This is where everyone tells me I look great and I can easily get complacent.  In the past people have said things like “you’re not fat, you’re just big boned” or “you’re tall, you can carry it” or “you would be too skinny if you lost anymore” or “you’re in proportion” and because my self esteem is so good I think “yeah I’m ok” and I stop trying and settle.  All nice things to say by the way and these comment didn’t upset me at all!

But this time is different..

I’m not content to stay here – I have my eye on the prize of 85kg and I’m determined to get there.  People seem to know that I’m serious this time and the comments and encouragement I am getting are all absolutely perfect so whatever you’re saying please keep saying it as it’s all helping. I can’t even think of a specific comment but basically people get that I’m doing well but I’m not finished yet and need to keep going.  So thank you!

I’m not done yet…

However despite all of this I’ve had the odd day lately when I’ve wondered if it’s all about to stop, if my body is just saying it’s happy at this weight because it’s all slowed down a bit.  That’s when it’s good to do a comparison shot. To see that my new jeans are now even baggier than they were at the beginning of this month and I can now tuck in a top and it looks better than it did a month ago.  And I am spurred on to keep going.  I haven’t finished yet – I have 19kg to go and I’m going to lose it.

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