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Finding my tribe…….and their part in my finding the joy in life

I worked for years in jobs that I loathed – always got on well with my workmates but loathed the work.  In industries that held zero interest for me – just jobs to earn money and last until the next weekend.  I was perfectly happy with my life outside the office but my jobs were just jobs – they helped me to save for things such as trips and a house and eventually the plan was to have a baby.  So not all bad. I didn’t have any real career ambitions – my dream had been to be either a fashion designer or interior designer  but I didn’t really know how to go about either so just took an office job at age 16 as I wasn’t doing so well at school and university wasn’t looking like an option.

Fast forward many years …..

I was home looking after my babies and for the most part I loved it and will always look back and feel thankful that I was able to do that. We had a houseful of homestays and boarders to make ends meet and it was a lot of fun.

When my youngest was 4 a friend told me about a job managing a new community facility that was opening in our area next door to the school.  I wasn’t planning on going back to work until Beks was at school but it was a great opportunity so I applied and got the job.  Well…. I absolutely loved it and this is when I entered the world of not for profits as I was working for a registered charity. I had found my niche – working with people and community.  It meant something to me and felt good.  I was there for 11 years and during this time my employers paid for me to study part time and I eventually graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Not for Profit Management. 


I had always had a particular soft spot for youth – going way back to when I was a young adult.  I always got on well with them and dreamed that one day I could have a job working in a youth organisation. My goal was that by the time I was 50 I would be working in a bigger not for profit in management – preferably one that worked with youth.  Sort of bringing my heart for youth and my skills together and being paid for it! 

My perfect job…

After 6 months of applying for various jobs I got my job at Springboard Community Works and finished at the Sturges West Community House on the actual day of my 50th birthday.  I started 5 days later at Springboard in the role of Operations Manager.  I was  so happy – this job was exactly what I had hoped and prayed for and for 3 years I LOVED it.  And then 3 years later, completely unexpectedly,  the day after my birthday in March this year I got told my position was to be made redundant.  Of course I was devastated.  I’m ok but obviously it has been hard and I have had my moments.  I miss my job – I know that there is something out there for me but I have yet to find it.  It’s the worst time ever to be job hunting because so many people have lost their jobs due to Covid 19 so the competition is huge.  I would like to stay working in not for profits but may have to widen my search if something doesn’t come up soon.  We are on a mortgage holiday at the moment but time is ticking and I need to earn some money soon.  I know some would wonder why I need to work at all when I have a husband earning money,  but the truth is we got stung badly a few years back by a failed investment property so we are now a family that needs 2 incomes.  We would have been mortgage free this year if we hadn’t bought the investment property.  If only we could turn back time….. But you can’t think like that.  Onwards and upwards.

Missing my tribe…..

But more than missing my job I miss my tribe,  these guys.  We had such a lot of fun, great memories, laughs,  always someone to share a problem with, have lunch with etc etc.  I think it’s worse because I haven’t found my new tribe.  When I get my new job I shall meet new people, make new friends, form new bonds with a new tribe.  I tend to do that all pretty quickly and easily.  So bring it on!  But until then,  I shall just reminisce with fondness about my Springboard tribe.  Life isn’t the same not seeing them every day – they played a big part in my finding the joy in life.

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