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I’m here if you want to talk….. I can try and help you find the joy in life

Another day at home reading through job ads and waiting for someone to contact me and say they want to interview me.  I’m frustrated to say the least.  I just love people and the lack of people contact on a daily basis is driving me a bit potty.  However, since having my gastric sleeve surgery in February this year,  the  weight loss surgery community has helped a bit – I’ve loved meeting new people online and having chats and comments and feeling like I’m helping albeit in a tiny way. 

Online bullying…..

I’ve spoken to a couple of people today who have have experienced trolls and online bullying.  It really shocks me that anyone can take the time out of their day to message someone who is genuinely lovely to insult them and be mean to them.  I’ve had one horrible message from an idiot so I just blocked him (wasn’t aimed at me personally was a horrible racist remark about something I shared on my story) but I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to put up with this rubbish.

How can I help?

It’s got me thinking as to how can I help? How can I put to good use this time on my hands? People are my thing – I like to communicate, chat, help, give pastoral support, make connections.  I’m not a professional counsellor or anything like that – I’m just a regular middle aged mum but if I you could do with a bit of encouragement or want to connect please send me a message and let’s talk.  If I can help in a small way I would love to.  Other weight loss surgery people who I have met in the real world and online have been so lovely and helpful to me so I would love to keep paying it forward

Hopefully I will get a job soon and may not have as much time for all this – but knowing me I will find a way……



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