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Just take the compliment!….. a gastric sleeve blog

The other day I went to a funeral today for a wonderful man who was nearly 90.

I caught up with so many people I haven’t seen for over 25 years and most of them said “you look great”. To which I smiled and said “thank you”. I have worked hard to lose weight (with the help of my gastric sleeve) and I feel great so compliments are gladly accepted – as they have been at any size I have been. Sure, I have been getting a lot of compliments lately, but seeing as most of the people today knew me as a slim young thing 25 years ago, never saw me during my overweight years and I’m now grey and middle aged – to be told I look great was nice (not gonna lie) 🤣

I’ve read a lot of Instagram posts where people get upset at attention and compliments after weight loss because they didn’t get it before so why now just because they’ve lost weight? I don’t care! If people want to say I look great that’s all good with me 🤣 I gladly take the compliment!  I’ve also seen lots of posts where overweight people get upset when people say “you have such a pretty face” because that must automatically mean “pity about the rest of you”. People may mean that – or they may just notice your pretty face. Take the compliment! I’ve rarely been told I have a pretty face. Even back when I was young I got “you’re tall” never “you’ve got a pretty face”. Luckily I have a good self esteem so I’m all good but nevertheless if someone told me I had a pretty face I would be chuffed.

So if someone gives you a compliment don’t over think it, don’t read into it what people may or may not mean, don’t question it and let your mind go into negative places –
If you get told you have nice hair does that mean you have awful teeth? If you get told you have nice teeth does that mean you have awful eyes? If you get told you have nice legs does that mean etc. Of course not!!!
Take it at face value, look at it in a positive light, smile, say thank you and take the compliment! Don’t let insecurity win.  Sometimes people,  just want to point out your most amazing feature in a compliment.  For some people that may be their face, for others their hair,  for others their eyes etc.  I’ve always been told I have lovely eyes but I’ve never told I have a beautiful chin for example.  Because my eyes are one of my best features.  Tell me I have lovely eyes as much as you like – I will gladly accept the compliment.

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