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My new normal… adjusting to smaller portion sizes on my gastric sleeve surgery diet..

When I was approaching my sleeve surgery I remember wondering how a super social old (ish!) bird like me would ever cope with having such an extreme adjustment to my life as I learned to stick to my gastric sleeve surgery diet.  I was up for the challenge of eating differently but also determined that my social life was not going to suffer as a result of it as I love nothing more than a catch up with family and friends which normally revolves around food! My challenge – to lose weight but still find the joy in life whilst adjusting my eating.

A tiny plate – my new normal

As per my surgeon’s advice I’ve been trying to keep my carbs and sugar and fat on the down low, but the biggest change has been the big decrease in portion sizes.  Obviously it’s working as I have lost a lot of weight  and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I can still enjoy a meal and social occasion (talking pre lockdown with friends and in lockdown with my family). I look at my little plate of food now and it looks normal to me.

I look at the plates of my family and they look enormous ha ha.  Of course they aren’t enormous but to me they are as I now have a new “normal”.  So I have just naturally adjusted.  I couldn’t eat their plate of food even if I wanted to due to my sleeve restriction – but the cool thing is I don’t actually want to eat a meal that big anymore.

A special occasion – it was ok!

Sunday’s Mothers Day brunch is a good example – I had about ⅓ of a delicious savoury muffin and fruit croissant and half a tiny bowl of nograin-ola and yoghurt and I was full and happy being able to eat what everyone was eating,  just a smaller version.  And enough time went by sitting and chatting after I had eaten that I was able to drink my coffee (with weight loss surgery you have to leave time before or after food before you drink anything).



See… I still get to eat yummy food on my gastric sleeve surgery diet….


So my point is my social life can continue! Obviously croissants and muffins aren’t the best things for weight loss but if it’s not every day and I am counting these things within my daily allocation then it’s ok.  Weigh day tomorrow and the proof will be in the pudding but my ultimate goal is to eventually be able to have all things in moderation and I might just be on the right track.

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