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Seizing the moment – don’t let the threat of “rain” prevent you from finding the joy in life

I love my husband but he has a favourite line that really grinds my gears.  It’s an innocent enough line which is: “it’s going to rain”.  Simple, to the point, probably often very true.  But every time he says it it makes my blood boil.  Because it’s more than just a comment on the weather – it’s an excuse, an out, a way to not have to leave the house and get out and do something (normally  something I want to do). If I suggest an outing – whether it be indoor, or outdoor, walking on the beach or sitting in a cafe, pretty much 9/10 times he will say “it’s going to rain”.  I have zero faith in the weather forecast because the amount of times it says it’s going to rain and then it doesn’t is very high!  But even if it is going to rain, does that mean we should sit around waiting for it to rain?  It might not rain for another hour or more and in that time we could have gone out and done something and be home, or we could be out and the rain starts but we somewhere with  an actual roof!  Or, heaven forbid,  we might get wet!  But in all of these scenarios my point is – rain is not the end of the world!  Rain or the threat of rain should not stop you from getting out and doing things and finding the joy in life. The amount of days we have wasted that could have been great beach days but we didn’t go because “it’s going to rain” and it didn’t. Or it did but only for a short time.

For example….

Take this weekend for example.  We had planned to go up to our cottage in the country for the weekend – actually his idea.  I agreed it was a good idea as we hadn’t been up there since Christmas.  However, by about Thursday he was starting to say we probably couldn’t go because “it’s going to rain”.  I suggested that maybe we wait until Friday night to make the call when we knew if it was actually raining.  Friday night  was really rainy so we shelved it but I had a secret idea that we could go on Saturday morning if the rain had stopped.

Saturday morning came around – beautiful and sunny so I let him have a sleep in until about 10am and then suggested that we go.  Of course he said “it’s going to rain”. Typical.  After a bit of a debate I actually managed to convince him that we should still go.  We didn’t have to take much stuff for 1 night so we were on the road pretty quickly and had a fantastic time away (he later admitted it was a good idea) and apart from a couple of little showers on Sunday (which really didn’t matter  because the cottage has a roof) it was pretty much a rain free weekend.

Making memories….

We could have missed out on that great time away because it was supposedly going to rain.  And how silly that would have been.  To use it as a metaphor, how many times do we put off doing things because “it’s going to rain” or how many opportunities do we miss because “it’s going to rain”. This imminent “rain” can be responsible for spoiling so much fun because we live in fear of it maybe happening.  And even if it does rain, we can still make memories and get things done despite  the rain or through the rain.  One of our best memories up at our cottage is of a weekend with a couple of other families when it poured down the whole time but we had such fun.

What is your “rain”?

So don’t let the fear of “rain” let you miss out.  What is your “rain”?  The thing that holds you back, makes you procrastinate, miss opportunities. Seize the moment – don’t worry about the “rain”, get out there and get things done while you can and if it rains it rains.  Who cares? We may get wet, or we may avoid the rain, or it might not even rain.  The point is, seize the moment and don’t worry about the rain.

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