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Tracking and weighing…. a gastric sleeve blog about what’s working for me

There’s lots of opinions out there on whether you should track and weigh your food, worry about what the scales say, think about what size your clothes are so I thought I would share my thoughts and what is working for me.

I’m hoping that eventually when I reach goal I will be able to maintain a healthy weight without having to worry about tracking food and weighing myself all the time but for now I want to and need to do these things to keep myself on track.  From 30 years of a weight problem I know myself  so well and that I need to be really focussed for this to succeed.  I like a project but need to really focus on it or I get distracted.

Lockdown (due to Covid 19) and losing my job has meant so much more time to focus on my weight loss. Hopefully I get a new job soon so will have to refocus a lot of my energy onto my job but hopefully I’ve got myself into good habits with my eating by now so it’s all second nature.How I track


How I keep tabs…..

I track my food in an app to make sure I’m getting enough protein – I am supposed to have 60gm a day. I’m having between about 900-1100 calories a day and am eating a balanced diet with no refined sugar. My meals are on a small side plate and I have 3 meals plus a snack and a coffee most days.  It’s working so I would be mad to change anything – I’m losing an average of 1kg (2.2lb) per week,  I feel fantastic, my bloods and blood pressure are good and my doctor is happy. 

For me it works –  adds to the joy in life!

I like to weigh myself every day – as I am currently job hunting it gives me something to jump out of bed for! It keeps me motivated.  If I ever start to plateau I will stop weighing every day as I don’t want to discourage myself but for now I’m still going down every week.  Once I get to maintenance I would like to maybe weigh once a month. I enjoy watching the numbers go down – my next goal is to get into double digits (99kg).  I’m so close now!

This is just all my opinion – it’s working for me but you do what’s working for you.  Just thought I would share my perspective. In a nutshell,  I track and weigh because I like doing it and for me it works.

Have a great day!

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