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Trying on clothes and actually enjoying it…. all part of finding the joy in life

Who knew that trying on clothes could actually be fun? This is a new experience for me – and probably something that average sized people probably take for granted!  Way way back in the day before I got overweight it wasn’t any fun because nothing was long enough for me. Hence I used to make most of my clothes and it was fun trying on things as I was making them but it’s not the same as going into a shop and picking a few things off the rack to try.

Sick of plus size shopping…

Fast forward a few years, and a few extra kgs,  and they seemed to start making clothes long enough, but being overweight it wasn’t really a lot of fun because I was restricted in what I could wear.  I am a believer in dressing for your body shape – accentuating the good bits and disguising the not so good – and I was usually pretty good at it.  But I got sick of shopping at the same places and buying plus size clothes that suited my plus size body!

Such fun! All part of finding the joy in life….

I was at the mall today and noticed Farmers were having a Red Dot sale so popped in to have a quick look.  Grabbed a few dresses and tops in a size 14 (even that freaks me out – honestly, it’s been years) and tried them on.  They all fitted, all looked ok.  Actually I was surprised how good they did look.  Non scales victories!  And my waist is definitely trying to make a comeback!

I now have options…..

In the past, being plus size if something looked good and fitted I normally would buy it as not many things looked that good so if I found something I thought I better grab it.  But now I don’t feel the same urge to buy.  I can try, I can go away and think about it,  I can go back – if I want to.  But if I don’t there will be more options another day (and more Farmers Red Dot sales!) with plenty more to choose from because I can now fit a size 14 dress and top.

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